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Ten Things To Do While Waiting for the Hockey Season to Start

Cant wait for the new hockey season? Heres ten things to keep you busy.


Visit How Many Days Until Hockey obsessively. Or at least once a day. Maybe some weird time-warp event will happen and it will magically reduce the number of days to something more manageable than the current 52. It's fun and makes you feel better, knowing that someone is keeping track of it.


Watch the "Greatest Moment in Hockey History" one more time. Come on, you know you want to. If it doesn't give you shivers, you're not a real hockey fan. 


Go read these hockey jokes. "Reckless Driver" is awesome.


Go read Brian McFarlane's site

The guy has some incredibly good hockey stories to tell. From his front page: "As you might know, I've spent a long time living, reporting and researching the history of hockey and  there's nothing I love more than telling a good hockey story, sharing an interesting bit of hockey history and enjoying the human drama and humor by recounting the best of hockey with other people who love the game.  I hope you enjoy hearing the stories as much as I did collecting them.  I'll post something new, fairly frequently here so I hope you'll visit me often.


Check out the Hockey Shirt Shop. Just run your mouse over the t-shirt designs and they show up on the model. If you're really starting to get hockey-sick you could start designing hockey t-shirts.


Go check out the "Greatest Photos in Hockey History" It includes, as a special bonus, a free subscription to Bobby Orr's Flying Lessons and a front row seat to Rocket Richard's famous glare.


Watch last year's Best Bloopers.


Or the Best Fights

Or the Best Saves

Or the Best Goals


Go take the hockey quiz at McLeans.


Check out the new hockey books coming out or read reviews of books already published at Hockey Book Reviews. If you're getting quite desperate buy or download one.


Buy a case or two of beer. Learn how to play the drinking game "Hockey". When you're done, head over to Twitter and watch all the other poor souls like us who are also waiting for hockey to start. Is it too soon to get that trending?


Visit  Hockey[on.the]Brain for more hockey articles and features.